Wow. A real shift here in my perception is occurring because this explanation of the role of viruses is like a mini paradigm shift or something. I must now catch up and read all your previous installments!

Am I wrong to consider this explanation a sort of middle ground between those who say viruses don't exist and are just particles of waste of sorts (I might be mangling this a bit) and those who claim all viruses are dangerous disease spreaders (germ theory)?

Thanks for your work here.

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Hi Dr Stillwagon. Very good article, once again. I didn’t understand the following segment. I thought this is what viruses did. Could you please explain further? Thanks.

“It is important to know that the cell is making copies of the virus intelligently and on purpose. The virus is not making copies of itself, as it does not have the intelligence nor the desire to do that. In fact, the cell can decide to NOT make copies of the virus. The cell can instead use parts of the virus to make new proteins to change cellular function.”

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