Dr Kevin,

What do you know about covid shots and hematomas?

My niece's workout 30 something yo friend developed horrible headaches a couple of weeks or so after her latest booster (2nd, I think). Yesterday, she fell out during their workout and was air lifted to a hospital and was found to have a hematoma between her eyes requiring drilling and insertion of drain tubes with surgery next.

Are hematomas potential side effects of the shot?

(I'm asking all my go-to substack people)


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Yes, a quick look for haematoma (the alternate spelling) in VAERS shows hundreds of these reported after the shot. Where this leakage of blood happens makes a huge difference. If it happens in skeletal muscle or near the skin, it is not usually a big deal because it gets resorbed. If it happens in the brain or other vital organs, and it does, the results can be disastrous.

The fact that it is happening is one thing, but why it is happening is important. The spike protein created from the shot attaches to ACE2 receptors on blood vessel walls. This creates inflammation and weakening of the vessel walls in some people. If it happens in larger vessels, deadly aneurysms can occur. If it happens in the tiny capillaries, they start to leak. All of this is variable depending upon how many spike proteins are made, and where they go. None of this was properly tested for in the two month trial for safety and efficacy.

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Thank you. This young lady is the epitome of a health nut. Works out daily, eats good, etc. The hematoma was described as right behind her eyes. I think surgery was yesterday, but don't know of any further updates. I have had a hematoma, but it was due to almost breaking my leg and a huge knot appeared, but slowly went away. So, I assumed that they come from some similar injury, but had never heard of one like this.

My sister explained that the friend and my niece are both vaxxed (my sister and I and my family are NOT). My niece has recently begun getting horrific headaches, as well.

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What is NOT a side effect of these shots?

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Improved health.

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good point, JimF...theburningplatform.com /2022/03/04/pfizer-documents-reveal-8-pages-of-potential-side-effects/

'Pfizer Documents Reveal 8 Pages of Potential Side Effects

I don’t think any of us are surprised by this.'

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“It is always your immune CELLS, not the antibodies that eliminate foreign invaders.”

THIS! I am pro Natural immunity, and until people realize that even when injected it’s your own cells that do the work, it all fails in some way, shape, or form.

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I was afraid of this back in 2019. It’s almost as if this was designed on purpose. The ultimate bio weapon.

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Feb 13, 2023·edited Feb 13, 2023

Dr. Kevin: Can you comment on the Covid19 mRNA injections and cancer deaths? My brother got the two Moderna doses a year or so ago. He just died of cancer...seemed to grow at an extremely accelerated rate.

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I'm sorry about your brother. There are two mechanisms explaining why cancers escalate in some people who get these mRNA shots. The first is, the numbers of T-cells and natural killer cells get reduced. We know this happens by observation. Studies have shown their numbers are reduced after the administration of the shot in some people. Those cells are responsible for recognizing and eliminating cancerous cells, so the less of them you have, the greater the chances of cancerous cells not getting eliminated. The immune cells that remain are not as functional because their toll-like receptors that they use for sensing cancerous cells don't work as well.

The second mechanism is a little more involved and has to do with IgG antibody class switching. Simply put, there are subclasses of antibodies that are responsible for detecting certain abnormalities in your body, including cancer cells. Those antibodies mark cancerous cells for destruction. Studies have shown that the subclasses needed for cancer recognition are reduced in some people after they get more than one shot.

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Mar 3, 2023·edited Mar 3, 2023

delving a bit more... yikes! 'The biological processes affected by COVID-19. The graph shows numbers of biological processes identified in the COVID-19 network. An astounding number were found to be hallmarks of Cancer..

wmcresearch.substack.com /p/is-spike-protein-endothelial-disease

Is Spike Protein Endothelial Disease (SPED) Actually Part of a More Complex Process? Spike Protein “Metastasis?”

Walter M Chesnut12/13/2022

..."I am beginning to suspect that the Spike Protein’s SPED is a massively accelerated METATASTIC ENGINE which can induce TME throughout the body, priming it for tumorigenesis and the activation of latent tumors."..

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Immunology of mRNA vaccines

Dr. John Campbell

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With Professor Robert Clancy, thanks as always.


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